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We take it for granted.


Do we ever have enough for what we need or want.


A feeling that is priceless.

The Project is dedicted to not “letting the dream fade” for Sharlie Ross Kaltenbach who has Cystic Fibrosis.  You can read more about Sharlie and the Breathless Mom Project and help the Miracle right on the site.

Another way to help Sharlie AND help yourself would be to join the Maria Gudelis’s Affiliate Contest!

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What do you think?

Looks easy right?

This is an amazing cause with and a model that can bring hopes and dreams back to life for so many people now and in the future!  Don’t be afraid to just the Affiliate Contest just because you have never made money online before!  Just go for it! When you do, you will find satisfaction...

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Trust Me?

Get Your Credit Cards Out!

I am the Best at Everything I Do!

You NEED What I Have!

Have you every been at a live Networking Event or looking through your emails or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Youtube and seen messages like these?  (or worse?)   How fast did you hit the unsubscribe, delete or remove buttons?

With all the marketing noise we are bombarded with both online and offline the number one fundamental to marketing and business building is often sidestepped or totally forgotten…

“Build community around your business and your community will build your business around you.” ~Tina Williams, KLT Coach

The video above scare you a bit at the beginning?  It was meant too!

If you could have only seen the faces of the people in the audience as they were listening intently, ...

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While we are under construction, feel free to connect with Tina on

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