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Trust Me?

Get Your Credit Cards Out!

I am the Best at Everything I Do!

You NEED What I Have!

Have you every been at a live Networking Event or looking through your emails or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Youtube and seen messages like these?  (or worse?)   How fast did you hit the unsubscribe, delete or remove buttons?

With all the marketing noise we are bombarded with both online and offline the number one fundamental to marketing and business building is often sidestepped or totally forgotten…

“Build community around your business and your community will build your business around you.” ~Tina Williams, KLT Coach

The video above scare you a bit at the beginning?  It was meant too!

If you could have only seen the faces of the people in the audience as they were listening intently, following my directions to pull out their credit cards with puzzled looks and discretely glancing around to spot the first Exit door to escape.  Priceless and incredibly tell tale of what so many of us who are exposed to that kind of marketing are doing every day.  If I hadn’t come clean and eased their fears that there was no ‘sales pitch’ only good solid content ahead for them I probable would have been talking to an empty room or dodging tomatoes!

Building communities that will help you to build your business around you starts with developing a relationship with the members first.  Keep in mind, buying is the only way your community can help build your business!  Start by creating value and your knowability, likeabilty, trustability, credibility and watch what sharability can do to boost your profitability!

In the days to come we will be talking more about those unique ~abilities, or Sociabilities, as I like to call them and how to develop them in your business, marketing and networking.  We will also look at the KLT 3×5 Formula and the  essential 7 Steps to Building a Your Knowability, Likeabilty and Trustabilty Online (and Off).

Thanks for taking time to catch this first April Fool’s Day post on my new site!  Hope it gave you a chuckle!  Come back and visit as we pretty this place up and leave a comment below if you have any thoughts on what you’d like to know more about in Social Media, building the KLT Factor in your business, online or offline marketing or suggest a topic that you know about and I’d love to have you as a guest share your thoughts and ideas here!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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