Trust Me?

Get Your Credit Cards Out!

I am the Best at Everything I Do!

You NEED What I Have!

Have you every been at a live Networking Event or looking through your emails or on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Youtube and seen messages like these?  (or worse?)   How fast did you hit the unsubscribe, delete or remove buttons?

With all the marketing noise we are bombarded with both online and offline the number one fundamental to marketing and business building is often sidestepped or totally forgotten…

“Build community around your business and your community will build your business around you.” ~Tina Williams, KLT Coach

The video above scare you a bit at the beginning?  It was meant too!

If you could have only seen the faces of the people in the audience as they were listening intently, following my directions to pull out their credit cards with puzzled looks and discretely glancing around to spot the first Exit door to escape.  Priceless and incredibly tell tale of what so many of us who are exposed to that kind of marketing are doing every day.  If I hadn’t come clean and eased their fears that there was no ‘sales pitch’ only good solid content ahead for them I probable would have been talking to an empty room or dodging tomatoes!

Building communities that will help you to build your business around you starts with developing a relationship with the members first.  Keep in mind, buying is the only way your community can help build your business!  Start by creating value and your knowability, likeabilty, trustability, credibility and watch what sharability can do to boost your profitability!

In the days to come we will be talking more about those unique ~abilities, or Sociabilities, as I like to call them and how to develop them in your business, marketing and networking.  We will also look at the KLT 3×5 Formula and the  essential 7 Steps to Building a Your Knowability, Likeabilty and Trustabilty Online (and Off).

Thanks for taking time to catch this first April Fool’s Day post on my new site!  Hope it gave you a chuckle!  Come back and visit as we pretty this place up and leave a comment below if you have any thoughts on what you’d like to know more about in Social Media, building the KLT Factor in your business, online or offline marketing or suggest a topic that you know about and I’d love to have you as a guest share your thoughts and ideas here!

Happy April Fool’s Day!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the last Free Webinar on iFrames and Tagging and Banners…Oh My! The feedback was awesome and if you leave a comment on that page you’ll get the Bonus “Yellow Brick Road” Guide!




17 thoughts on “Trust Me?

    1. admin Post author

      Too funny Adi! You can definitely do that if you want people to run away screaming! You have so much to offer Adi–can’t wait to see how much KLT you give to all those you are working with!

      ~Tina, KLT Coach

  1. Christine

    LOL, Tina.

    So many people are used to doing just that with their customers but then of course when the roles change they don’t like it!

    Lately I’ve been fighting one of my clients over his blog posts: 3 lines of information hidden in 25 lines of bad flyer text! Arrrggghhh!

    1. KLT Coach Post author

      Arrrrgggghhhh! Is right! That is such a good point Christine! When the roles are reversed we DON’t like it. I guess that is what is so important. Understanding how we like to be marketed to (and getting our clients to do the same) then following those guidelines!

      I think that client needs to upgrade his services with you to include a writing package! Trying doing a test post for them that YOU write (for free maybe–your call) and show them the difference in how his community responds. Come back and share that post here so we can help you out with it! (make it a good one–LOL!)

      Hope that helps!

      Tina, KLT Coach

  2. Kevin Rockwell

    Well done Tina. I borrow your KLT phrase when talking to businesses and it resonates better than anything. Because they get it.

    But equally shocking is the number of businesses who are not doing anything about in in their own biz.


    1. KLT Coach Post author

      So true Kevin–so true. Borrow away and even better, I love watching you put it into practice! You are awesome Kevin!

      Tina, KLT Coach

  3. Anna

    That’s hilarious Tina, I don’t think I’d have the guts to pull that one off. I know by the end of the presentation, you didn’t have to tell them you are an expert, it’s so obvious!

    1. KLT Coach Post author

      Howdy Anna!

      It was really funny! Ans if you saw the faces of the people in the audience you’d be laughing even harder! This was actually one of my highest converting events!

      Thanks Anna! Keep up doing great stuff out there!


  4. Niel Parry

    Hi Tina,

    Great video on what what not to do, YET so many folks are doing out there. It amazes me how many ‘spam’ posts I get on my Facebook page. Even more amazing is these folks actually believe someone is actually going to click on their spammy link.

    You are a breath of fresh air…I absolutely love your KLT mantra and Sociabilities. You seem sort of like the Emily Post of social media…a name synonymous proper etiquette and manners

    Live full…die empty,

  5. steven robello

    Point well taken Tina. Thank you for a message that resonates with me. Hype and boastfulness run rampant in both the online and offline world, and that herd is not one I want to be a part of. Give me sincerity and honesty so I can get to know and like you. When you tell me how great you are, trust goes out the door.
    Know, like and trust is such a simple concept, but so very powerful. Once established, I’ll gladly and willingly be receptive to what you have to offer. Thank you Tina for being the shining superstar that you are.

  6. Sue Worthington

    Hi Tina
    That was sooo scary!

    I am flying the KLT flag here in the UK for you – I use the phrase all the time at my workshops, but I always say I have borrowed it from my good friend Tina in Florida.

    Keep doing what you are doing Tina – we love you for it!!


  7. Jerry Krull - Marketing Ideas

    That reminded me of my days back in 1985 when I went through stockbroker training. We were trained to cold call people and get them to open an account in that first over-the-phone contact. Imagine being asked by a total stranger over the phone to open an account of $10,000, $20,000 or more! I never opened one account that way. (Other brokers did do it somehow). I opened every account when I met the person face-to-face, be it seminar, manning a booth at a show, etc. I even led the entire office of over 40 brokers, in my third month with the amount of business I opened. Then I quit a couple of months later. It was not a nice business back then…

  8. Susie Jones

    that is priceless, and to think they had actually gotten out their cards!  The relieved laughter after you came "clean" said it all.. this is one of the key factors I learned the hard way when I started going out and networking – I sucked!  Now, I just talk and relate with people, ask questions about THEM and site back and listen – they come to me now!

    I am really looking forward to learning more about the KLT approach and your workshops.  Susie


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