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We take it for granted.


Do we ever have enough for what we need or want.


A feeling that is priceless.

The Project is dedicted to not “letting the dream fade” for Sharlie Ross Kaltenbach who has Cystic Fibrosis.  You can read more about Sharlie and the Breathless Mom Project and help the Miracle right on the site.

Another way to help Sharlie AND help yourself would be to join the Maria Gudelis’s Affiliate Contest!

Check this Out!

What do you think?

Looks easy right?

This is an amazing cause with and a model that can bring hopes and dreams back to life for so many people now and in the future!  Don’t be afraid to just the Affiliate Contest just because you have never made money online before!  Just go for it! When you do, you will find satisfaction comes from helping a mom in need and achieving success through the Affiliate Contest!  (and it could make you some profits too!)

The Ultimate Consulting Challenge is the product that Maria is offering for a crazy $17 with 50% of the profits going to the Breathless Mom Project and the other 50% going to the affiliates (and that could be you!)  The product is so multifaceted that is would be an asset to just about anyone in any kind of business!  The Modules range from helping you with your ‘elevator speech’ to learning how to use the Social Media Platforms to even financial information.  You DO NOT need to be an Offline Consultant or Internet Marketer to benefit for the Ultimate Consulting Challenge. Go Grab it and see for yourself!

Take Action Now!

Whether you decide to just Join the Breathless Mom Project or jump head first into the Affiliate Contest!  Just do it!  I have created some additional videos in the Tina in Ten area to give you even more support so you can really Rock n’ Roll with this!

Be sure to stop back and leave a comment to tell me how you are doing!

Got Questions…leave them in the comment section and I’ll be sure to get them answered for you!





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